Pots are created within the account, and enable allocation of funds away from the main balance. They can be used to serve a variety of purposes, ranging from a sales and marketing budget, to a personal allowance, to office supply expenses.

Pots are ideal for keeping balances separately, and ensuring the right amount of funds are allocated as of when they are needed.

How to create Pots

The steps below demonstrate how to create a USD pot for a made up Marketing budget:

  1. Call the POST - Create Pot Balance endpoint.
  2. In the path parameter ccy, assign the currency for the pot. This is a three letter currency code such as 'USD'.
  3. Next, enter the potPrefix value to name the pot. Alphanumeric strings are allowed but they must not exceed 5 characters.
  4. In the request body, a FriendlyName can be added to describe the pot being created.
  5. In this instance, we are creating a pot and calling it "POT11-USD" with USD as the currency balance, and "Marketing Budget" as the description for the pot, thereby assigning the CcyCode, BaseCcyCode and FriendlyName values respectively.


curl --location 'https://caxapi-integration.azurewebsites.net/api/account/balances/balance/USD/POT11-USD' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'authorization: Bearer <access_token>' \
--header 'userapitoken: <userapitoken>' \
--data '{
  "FriendlyName": "MarketingBudget"


A successful response is highlighted below:

    "Content": {
        "Model": {
            "Balances": [
                    "Balance": 0.00,
                    "CcyCode": "POT11-USD",
                    "BaseCcyCode": "USD",
                    "FriendlyName": "Marketing_Budget",
                    "AlphabeticCode": "USD",
                    "Description": "US Dollar",
                    "NumericCode": "840",
                    "Symbol": "$",
                    "ApiStatusCode": 100,
                    "ApiStatus": "IsValid",
                    "ApiStatusDescription": "Valid Operation"

Retrieve Pot balances

There are two options to search for Pot balances:

  1. Call GET - All Main and Pot balances.
  2. Call GET - Retrieve a Pot balance.